Welcome to Sweet Sensations Pastry!

Our unique combination of quality, tradition, innovation and focus on flavor results in the best pastry and confections available.

Sweet Sensations Pastry offers an amazing selection of cakes, tarts, cookies, cupcakes, candies … a rotating selection of pastries and serves the finest variety of coffee.

All Sweet Sensations pastries and confections are made with the best ingredients, focusing on flavor and natural products. We hand chop the high quality European chocolate (no “morsels”), use only pure vanilla and premium vanilla beans, French cocoa powder, and fresh natural fruit.

Meet the Chef and Owner

Chef/Owner of Sweet Sensations Pastry, Sharin Nathan, is an experienced Pastry Chef.
Her creativity, passion and dedication to quality set her apart from the rest.

Following graduation from University of Illinois and Kendall College of Culinary Arts, she has held pastry positions at Everest and the Whitehall Hotel, she was the Assistant Pastry Chef at Charlie Trotter’s Restaurant and was the opening Pastry Chef at Harvest on Huron. Sharin has also been the recipient of many awards, including a Top 10 dessert by the Chicago Tribune.

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“Cakes, meringue are specialties at Sweet Sensations”
-Hungry Hound!

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“The pastries that Sharin Nathan is baking at Sweet Sensations Pastry might just make your day… it’s the neighborhood bakery we all wish we had. Bars, cookies and lemon meringue cupcakes to which nothing compares…”
– Chicagoist

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“Behind the counter come sweet smells from the kitchen, brought to you by talented baker Sharin Nathan… peanut butter milk chocolate cookies, chocolate espresso cookies… boston cream pie cupcakes, lemon meringue…There are all kinds of bakery delights!”
– Yahoo!

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